Who We Are

PECU is a leading financial institution in the credit/lending industry in Trinidad and Tobago. PECU was founded in 1973 by a group of workers led by John Morales from the defunct Port Contractors Association who encouraged their fellow workers to be part of this co-operative union venture.

The Credit Union aims to improve the social and economic conditions of its members by providing savings, providing loans and acquiring other goods and services for the benefit of the society and its members. Being member-owned means our customers and owners are the same – our members. Everything we do is designed to benefit our members.

Self-help is a fundamental concept of the Credit Union and educating members in the practices and principles of the Credit Union Society is one of our member goals. This is important enough to have a dedicated Education Committee.

Our philosophy is simple, and it governs how we operate. We’re about our members, not a profit.

Our Mission & Vision

To be a lifetime partner, dedicated to improving our members' financial and social welfare

From our offices, we aim to provide a range of financial services for the economic and social welfare of members within a co-operative framework. 

Become a member

Become a member of our Credit Union and let's work together towards your financial goals. Experience PECU Credit Union's difference with excellent options tailored for every stage of your life, the conveniences you expect, and local, personalized service.