Forms & Resouces


Membership Application

The Membership Application Form is used to open a new PECU account for an individual. If you wish to open a membership for a non-personal, corporate or business entity, please get in touch with us.


Loan application

The Loan Application Form is used to apply for a loan. You must complete this form and have all supporting documents when applying for a loan.


Credit Plus
Application Form

The Credit Plus Application Form is used to apply for our Credit Plus Loan. Complete this form using Adobe Acrobat. Ensure you have all supporting documents when applying.


Source of Funds

The Source of Funds form must be used once you are applying for a loan and ensures Government financial relations are met.

Financial Success Tips

Be in control of your financial future

It is important that we learn to manage your own money. Instead of relying on others for advice, take charge and read a few basic books on personal finance.

Know where your money is going

Its so important to know how you spend your money. Saving towards a goal requires dicipline and can be easily derailed if you caught off guard with impulse spending. Keep your financial details safe at all time.

Start saving for your retirement

Begin preparing for your retirement at the soonest. The sooner you start saving, the less principal you'll have to invest to end up with the amount you need to retire with. Supporting systems such as life insurance are also more attractive when you are young.

Start and maintain an emergency fund

Emergencies is a reality of life. It is best to start savings for emergencies. This can save you from much stress and avoid financial trouble. Be smart, speak with a PECU team member on a credit Union saving just for this purpose.

Keep in good health

You can help your financial future by doing your best to keep in good health. Taking daily steps to keep yourself healthy, by eating healthy foods, maintaining a healthy weight, exercising, general good health practices, driving safely. Good practices can save you from paying exorbitant medical bills.

Make PECU Credit Union your financial partner

Your money is safe with us as all credit unions in Trinidad and Tobago are governed by local financial legislation. Contct us to see how our society can help you realize your financial goals.

Become a member

Become a member of our Credit Union and let's work together towards your financial goals. Experience PECU Credit Union's difference with excellent options tailored for every stage of your life, the conveniences you expect, and local, personalized service.